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Making small pioneers feel good every step of their adventures


For small children the world is boundlessly big. Every day is a sensational discovery with endless possibilities. La Petite V brings about the high-quality garments to support them on their quests. With a clear focus on simplicity, comfort and sustainability, we create clothing from different premium natural fabrics such as, cashmere and tencel, to make minimalistic designs with classic finishes.

For us, true luxury is knowing our small pioneers feel good every step of their adventures. Because running a zoo, operating a space station or being a superhero is not that easy.


This beautiful and minimal Baby Book will help you document all the magical moments of your child’s first year. It gives you plenty of room for pictures and stories. In time this high quality book, designed for the lover of minimalistic design, will become a precious keepsake.

La Petite V will donate all of the profits to the charity foundation called Kieteman. The goal of this foundation is to bring a smile on children’s faces by sponsoring several projects, big and small. Find out more by clicking on the link in the menu.